Do you know what electromagnetic flow meters

FN 20XX 0913If not, the following lines are intended just for you. 

Electromagnetic flow meters measure electrically conductive fluids and their frequent representation can be in the water and heat industry, or in the food, chemical and agricultural industries. 

Electromagnetic flow meters can be used for example for measuring clean and drinking water, industrial water (mud, sludge), salt water, various kinds of acids, chlorinated water, milk, ... 

Conversely, for liquids of low electrical conductivity, which is needed for proper function of the electromagnetic flow meters, such as oil, diesel, gasoline, distilled water or alcohol etc. It is necessary to choose a different type of flow meter. With high precision and no pressure losses in the pipe can be electrically non-conductive liquids reliably measured by ultrasonic flow meters, about which you can find more information on the website. 

If you are not sure whether the liquid which you would like to measure is sufficiently electrically conductive, we are here for you.