Want to have a flow meter in your own company color?

No problem for ELIS PLZEN a. s.!

Standard FLONETThis is how the induction flow meter FLONET FN2014.1 looked in the past, manufactured by ELIS PLZEN a. s.

Sensor in gray and a vivid orange of evaluating electronic unit, those are the characteristic colors of our company. ELIS PLZEN a. s. flow meters are highly significant in every show.

 Turkish FLONET

Turkish FLONETSeveral important customers of the company ELIS PLZEN a. s. expressed their interest in the supply of flow meters in their own colors. Why not! There is no problem to fulfill the wishes of many year´s Turkish customer, who is supplying the Asian market by electromagnetic flow meters in his gray company color.


 Mexican FLONET

Mexican FLONETThis was not a problem neither for our Mexican customer; we delivered the sensors in green color.