ELIS PLZEN a. s. in Bulgaria

Almost two years of close cooperation of company ELIS PLZEN a. s. and its Bulgarian business partner has brought next more fruits. At the beginning of the year 2013, the Bulgarian Metrology Institute (BIM) issued a document - Metrology certificate - Type Approval for induction flow meters FLONET FN20XX.1. The certification refers to the dimensions in the range from DN6 to DN1000 in the basic design, including the software FLOSET and it is valid until 2023.

This national certificate recognizes the quality and metrological level of this type of flow meter and it means next support to expand sales opportunities for the company ELIS PLZEN a. s.

In days 29 - 31st of May 2013 is the International Fair BULCONTROLA Water Sofia held in Bulgaria.


The certificat Induction flow meter FLONET FN20XX.1