FLOMIC FL1034 ultrasonic flow meters, G 2 1/2"

FLOMIC FL1034The new ultrasonic flow meters of the type series FLOMIC FL1034, G 2 1/2" has been developed for the special purpose of fire hydrant control. Apart from the total water volume passed through the hydrant, the meter also measures instantaneous flow rate. 

The underground hydrants fed from a water supply piping have the dimension of DN80 where a special hydrant adaptor in combination with a bayonet coupling element is used as water outlet. In most cases, the bayonet coupling elements have internal thread of 2 1/2". 

FLOMIC FL1034From this reason the FLOMIC FL1034 meters for fire hydrant control purposes are supplied with tread connection pieces. 

The flow meter is easy to carry and handle; measurements can be taken in both horizontal and vertical positions.